The Need for Proctoring Online Assessments

The need for proctoring is unquestionable, but some do find the time to do that just the same. From Captchas to verification SMSes, security certificates to Never Share Your Contact Details disclaimers, the internet and its users have a very suspicious relationship with each other. Neither wants to believe it’s really the other, unless they have some proof.

For a decision as impactful as that of Human Resource Assessment, a lot of companies have a lot of reason to worry, with the smaller ones being especially wary.

It’s with this very real fear as a motivation that we’ve focused on developing top of the line proctor measures at Potknox that overcome short comings in existing systems and provide our clients with a wholesome test assessment experience, wherein all answers are accurate and fair and have been obtained without any unfair practices being employed.

As an employer, you have the option of enabling a range of different settings and customizing which ones are enabled for specific candidates. Once the test taker has downloaded the Potknox launcher-in the few seconds it takes to save you millions- you can monitor him through

  • Randomized Snapshots to prevent impersonation and allow you to see if there’s anyone but the test taker standing in close proximity and even monitor eye movement to detect usage of a smart phone or other study aid material
  • Randomized Screenshots to check out what the test taker’s screen looks like and what he is accessing at different points in time
  • Open App Detection to know which applications are being accessed in the duration of the test and if they’re currently being used or are simply running in the background
  • Blocking of cut-copy-paste commands and detection/blocking of any attempts to navigate away from the answer screen

Worthy potential IT recruits are not the average Joes, so you need not-such-a-fool proof measures to avoid any cheating, and that’s what we’ve given you here. Thus our Proctor Pride.