Camp’US’ Hiring

Campus Hiring
Campus Recruitment has survived economic slowdowns and political turmoil and educational reforms to emerge unscathed and ever booming, very much like the IT Industry, which has never been stronger than it is right now. Students clamber through the vacuum that is created when the four warm walls of college subside and make way for the professional fortifications.

As recruiters, the task of hiring students is a peculiar one. The element that otherwise scores most highly in relevance while recruiting- which is past work experience- is suddenly replaced by a plethora of other subjective factors like personality, internships and a willingness to learn.

In this day and age it’s thus wise to combine the two when hiring freshers from undergraduate and post graduate campuses i.e. getting a good, long look at their programming and technical skills, and keeping a wide eye open for their ability, attitude and communication skills at the same time.

Here are 5 ways our cloud based assessment tool, Potknox, enables Campus Hiring:

Bulk Assessment
It allows for bulk assessment and simultaneous testing of over 5000 candidates at the same time, which makes perfect sense for companies who carry out campus placements, most commonly for fields like Engineering, MBA, Law or Medicine

Effective Proctoring
Our anti-cheating or proctoring measures ensure that students do not put a toe out of line- we can see if there’s anyone around them, helping them, or if they’re staring at a book or a smart phone, we can get screenshots to see what websites or applications they’re accessing, or of course we can simply block navigation away from the answer screen as well as cut-copy-paste commands

Resource Reduction
Effective proctoring combined with bulk assessment greatly cuts down the manpower required on site to manually invigilate test takers, allowing a much larger group of test takers to be evaluated in one go. Additionally, instead of sending a whole hoard of examiners along with a bunch of printed out test sheets, you just need to ensure students can access the web, which saves paper, time, and the entire list of complications that comes with compiling answer sheets

Auto Saved Answers
Candidates’ answers are auto saved in real time in order to keep infrastructural failures (like power outage, system crash/shutdown etc.) in check; this is super important from the employer’s point of view, and also keeps candidates level headed in case something goes wrong

On the Job
Suit the questions you ask to the requirements of a particular job or department to assess the on-the-job employability of a recent graduate or post graduate using our coders and simulators

So, what are you waiting for? Go chase those students. Here are your running shoes.