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Why do startups find it so hard to find good talent?

Potknox Co Founder, Pottu Venugopal, tells us why finding talent for startups is a lot like, and as tough as, finding clients, wherein making a hire resembles making a sale. Here’s what he and a number of other startup CXOs had to

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Summer Recruitment Drive 2014

1000 programmers. 28 startups. 10 days. 7 distinct profiles. All from 1500 miles away. The Start of Something On August 1st, 2014 at 10 AM, we met in the room with the big table and chairs. Usually, all five of

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7 Problems Startups Face with Campus Recruitment

Campus  Placements and Working at Startups are two equally promising trends in recruitment that are shaking things up for the corporate world. Question is, why don’t they go together? What’s stopping startups from tapping into this wide pool of talent that’s so

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4 Alternatives to Resumes

Dear Employers and Employees alike, to quote Phoebe Buffay as she *pwned* Ross Geller, “Wasn’t there a time when the brightest minds in the world believed that the world was flat? And, up until like what, 50 years ago, you

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Startups and Interns Are Made For Each Other

Interns are to Employees what Startups are to MNCs; both the smart new kid on the block giving the older kids a run for their money. We spoke to 3 young, successful entrepreneurs who agreed that interns have been invaluable

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Cold Calling That Works

There is a lot of literature available about how to improve cold calls, but the suggestions are usually quite basic, covering things like “introduce yourself with your name and company”, “sound pleasant” and “know your product”-most of which are a

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Why Resumes are a Fresher’s Nightmare

Job seekers have managed to make order amidst the chaos that is recruitment: identify the HR manager, write a cover letter, send across your resume, and pray. But for freshers, the prayer begins long before they’re done with college. For most

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4 Reasons People Quit Startups

Startups are everywhere and everything for so many people, but there are just as many workaholics who don’t find startups to be the ideal workplace. We talked to 4 young entrepreneurs as we analysed what might make someone want to

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How to Hire- Part II: Old vs New, but for Recruitment

Kicking off every article ever written about Recruitment, is a starting line about how Recruitment might just be the single most important function any business carries out… Now that we’ve narrowly escaped that cliché, we must admit that we too

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Camp’US’ Hiring

Campus Recruitment has survived economic slowdowns and political turmoil and educational reforms to emerge unscathed and ever booming, very much like the IT Industry, which has never been stronger than it is right now. Students clamber through the vacuum that

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