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HR Trends 2015: What do the experts predict? (5)

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The fifth interview in our  HR Trends Series was with Mrinal Krant, Practice Partner at HireAtEaseConsulting India Pvt.Ltd,  a leading provider of Human Resources Consulting, Leadership Hiring, Recruitment Consulting & Talent Advisory solutions to emerging sectors in India. With close to 12 years of experience, Mrinal had a number of very helpful and realistic insights, and a tonne of wisdom to share. He tells us the changes and patterns he’s observed over the  years and what he expects will happen in the future.

How long have you been working in the field of HR?

Close to 12 years.

How have things changed from when you started to now?

If you talk about HR or Recruiting (considerably a sub function of HR), it is an evolving function and lots of thought leadership and experiments have been done to identify/spot talent. Tools galore and interviewing and assessment techniques are being used to make hiring a more objective process. We have certainly moved beyond the ‘pigeon-holing’ period of hiring and now are in a time where we see a war being waged over talent in India, which is evident in the face of the start-up revolution we are witnessing.

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HR Trends 2015: What do the experts predict? (4)

hrt 4Picture1If you’re a recruiter and you aren’t an ardent follower of The Savage Truth, you’re not a very good one. Jokes aside though (we’re serious), Greg Savage, Recruitment advisor, coach, speaker and investor gave us a few pearls of wisdom- on a flight to New Zealand, no less, about what he expects from the world of HR and his opinions on various facets of it and we promise you, it’s just as good as anything else he comes up with. Now, for anybody who follows his him on Twitter knows he has brilliant insights, ground breaking epiphanies and a lot of knowledge to share. So, read on: learn, enjoy and share!

How long have you been working in the field of HR?

I’ve been in the field of recruiting for about 35 years now.

*Cue Gasp*  So, how have things changed from when you started to now?

I started as a recruiter in January 1980. 15 years before the Internet! So change is in my blood. From paper files and a telephone to databases, CRM and social. From newspaper advertising to job boards and then LinkedIn and now Big Data and predictive Recruitment. 

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How do Candidates feel about Video Interviewing?

According to a report released by Office Team, more than six in 10 (63 percent) of HR managers interviewed said their company often conducts employment interviews via video. This is up from just 14 percent one year ago. Unfortunately, very much like Recruiter Texting, this is a trend that has picked up so much pace so fast, that many applicants haven’t had a chance to warm up to it.

For hiring managers and recruiters, however, video interviewing is an absolute blessing. Given advancements in technology, they can now view applicants’ appearance and body language, record interviews and share them with other senior team members at a later stage, and even carry out one sided interviews, whereby applicants record themselves answering a list of questions and send in their recording, thus saving interviewers a great deal of time.

Our friends over at Software Advice recently conducted a survey of around 400 people who have applied for a job in the last two years, to gauge how candidates feel about interviewing for a job via video. The results, highlighted in this report, can help employers and recruiters learn how to use video interviewing platforms to create a more positive experience for interviewees.

Those With Video Interview Experience Prefer It to Phone Interviews

Since video interviewing is a fairly new practice, it appears a number of interviewees have not been yet been exposed to it. Forty six percent of applicants had never interviewed for a full time job, while twenty four percent had only been so once, and only 5 percent had been so more than four times.

Video 1Thankfully for applicants, however, video interviewing has a number of advantages for them, many of which they may not even be aware of yet. “It provides them with a way to tell their story that they never could have before,” says David Wieland, CEO of video interviewing platform RIVS. “No matter what you do, you can’t get your story across on a piece of paper. That only happens when people see and hear you. It’s about your presentation; it’s about your attitude.”

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HR Trends 2015: What do the experts predict? (3)

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The thiHR Trends- 3rd interview in our HR Trends Series was with Rishu Raheja, Deputy Manager (Talent Acquisition) at Bennett Coleman &  Co. Ltd. (Times Group). Having worked in large organisation like Godrej and now the Times Group, Rishu knows the responsibility a job in HR entails. You are, after all, dealing with the single most important resource of them all- people. In her short and crisp interview with us, she talks about the kinds of technologies that have already penetrated the HR sphere, the changes she wishes to see hereon in, and also gives job seekers and employers a bit of advice on how to hire and be hired. Read more ›

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10 Classic ‘Make It Happen’ Quotes by Women who Made it Happen

It’s Women’s Day 2015. More than any other day in the year, today is Of the Women, By the Women and For the Women. The 10 quotes are exactly what you need if you’re looking for inspiration to get out of a rut, or start something from scratch. The women who spoke  these words came from diverse backgrounds, cultures and nationalities, but had that one beautiful thing in common- being a woman. Read the ten quotes given below, and we guarantee you’ll want to take your idea to the next level by the end of it.

For when you start to wonder… but what will they think?

WOMEN QUOTES 3For when things get so bleak, so bad, that you can’t possibly find a silver lining…

WOMEN QUOTES 1For when you begin to think that the only way to be heard is to be loud…

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The Relevance of a Happy Holi in the Modern Workplace

At Potknox, we believe that one of the key dimensions of living and working in a multi-cultural world is being proud of and constantly encouraging the richness and diversity of cultures that surround us. It may sometimes feel like an effort to sit down and make even a National Holiday into just another task, but Holi really is the easiest and most natural of all Holidays, if done right, because it requires only a couple of smiles, and some colour. Most importantly, Holi doesn’t have to be celebrated a day before the actual Holiday, or on the day. It’s the kind of occasion you should stretch, given its inherent happiness, so have no worries about following the advice for the upcoming Momday. Holi is all about making a splash. The poster below, which we created using this image , is an example of the beauty of the festival. It’s happy,  it’s colourful, and it’s about including the world in things that make people happy. It’s with this magnanimity of spirit that we suggest you incorporate it into your workplace. Happy Holi! Read more ›

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Wasted Time in the Workplace (Infographic)

Unfortunately for many businesses around the world, the need to use social media as part of an overall marketing strategy is undeniable. Why it’s unfortunate is that not only does a lot of the effort go unnoticed, a lot of that same effort is an elaborate cover up for a lot of time that is actually just being wasted. Employers sometimes makes concessions for their employees, excusing worrying signs of inactivity as a well deserved break, or the sign of a comfortable work environment. The question remains, though; how much is this wastage of time costing us?

The folks over at TimeDoctor released an info-graphic that spells out the various ways in which we’re wasting time at work and how to reduce the shocking loss of productivity that it results in. The most important bit of information however is how much it is really costing the companies we work for.

Wasted Time in the Workplace - Infographic
Time Doctor – Track your time. Track your team’s time. Know EXACTLY what is REALLY going on.

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HR Trends 2015: What do the experts predict? (2)


hrt 2

Upasana Nath Chief Recruitment Officer ZomatoThe second interview in our HR Trends Series was with Upasana Nath, Chief Recruitment Officer – Zomato. With experience in Bennett, Coleman and Co. Ltd. (Times Group), Google and now Zomato, Upasana has worked in various types of organisations, giving her a unique perspective of the many sides of the coin.

In her short and crisp interview with us, she talks about the rise of start up culture and its impact on demand and supply of talent in the HR equation of the new world.

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How To Use Texting To Secure Top Talent

90% of recruiters believe text messaging helped enhance their communication with candidates. However, a report recently released by our friends over at recruiting software comparison site Software Advice  revealed that only 12% of job seekers like to be contacted via text message by recruiters, and that they never prefer a text over a phone call or email. In the context of this severe disconnect, it’s absolutely essential we look into how recruiters can better utilize text messages to communicate with candidates. Missing out on great talent just because we misrepresented the brilliance of our company by contacting them via a medium that offended their sensibilities, is not a risk any recruiter would want to take. The report  summarized below offers startling insights into the art of recruiter texting, taking into a number of factors. 

Why do recruiters use text messaging?

More than two-thirds of the world’s population have a cell phone with texting capabilities. Moreover, 79 percent of those age 18 to 44 have their phone with them 22 hours a dayhis easy access to current and potential candidates is leading to more successful communication with them—indeed, 90 percent of all text messages are read within the first three minutes of being sent. Erik Kostelnik, CEO of recruiter texting platform TextRecruit, adds that recruiter texts sent through its software have a 26 percent response rate (compared to a rate of just 8 percent for emails).

It’s because of these promising statistics that recruiters are now using text messaging, also known as Short Message Service or SMS to contact job seekers, through traditional recruiting software platforms like Bull Horn Reach or iCIMS Talent Platform and even specialized mobile recruiting platforms. These platforms allow them to reach candidates in bulk, without disclosing their private numbers, and also allow them to track messages, enabling more in-depth reports and analysis on the performance of each effort. But since texting is a fairly recent addition to most recruiters’ arsenals, many aren’t aware of the best practices for using this method.

Is Recruiter Texting considered ‘Professional’?impression-of-recruiters-who-use-text-messages

Given the overwhelming usage of texting as an informal mode of communication, it’s fair to wonder how many job seekers see recruiter texting as mark of professionalism. According to the study, more job seekers say they consider recruiters who text “professional” (a combined 43 percent) than say they consider them “unprofessional” (a combined 32 percent), with 25 percent describing them as “neither professional nor unprofessional.” This means essentially that recruiter texting isn’t a surefire way to come off on the right foot with job seekers, but may also swing in your favour. 

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HR Trends 2015: What do the experts predict? (1)

hrt 1
A lot of exciting things are happening in the world of HR Technology. Since the easiest and most entertaining way to learn anything is to talk to people and garner knowledge and insights from their experiences, we recently launched an interview series in this very same spirit of innovation. We will be talking to HR Professionals across a range of industries to ascertain what they think will happen differently in the coming year, how things have changed over time, and what they themselves feel could improve. 

Our first interview was with Kritika Nagpal, Manager – Leadership, Learning and Change at DDB Mudra Group, one of India’s largest advertising agencies. With People Management experience in Real Estate, Corporate Hospitality, and now a leadership role in the Advertising space, Kritika has seen the way the cookie crumbles, and in this short and crisp interview, has given us a taste of it. 

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