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Why do startups find it so hard to find good talent?

Potknox Co Founder, Pottu Venugopal, tells us why finding talent for startups is a lot like, and as tough as, finding clients, wherein making a hire resembles making a sale. Here’s what he and a number of other startup CXOs had to say about this worldwide worry!

“Having been part of a number of startups, I strongly feel that in a startup, ‘finding talent’ is sometimes just as challenging as ‘finding clients’.

The sales process is fairly standard: Generate Leads, Follow Up and then Convert Leads i.e. make a sale. Similarly, hiring involves:
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Summer Recruitment Drive 2014

1000 programmers.

28 startups.

10 days.

7 distinct profiles.

All from 1500 miles away.

The Start of Something

On August 1st, 2014 at 10 AM, we met in the room with the big table and chairs. Usually, all five of us would have taken the discussion in five different directions, but today our voices were unanimous.

It had been two weeks we’d been waiting to have this conversation, and the moment was finally here. Read more ›

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7 Problems Startups Face with Campus Recruitment

Campus  Placements and Working at Startups are two equally promising trends in recruitment that are shaking things up for the corporate world. Question is, why don’t they go together? What’s stopping startups from tapping into this wide pool of talent that’s so much like them- new to nuances, eager to excel, and intelligently innovative?

Here are 7 problems startups face with campus recruitment:

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4 Alternatives to Resumes

Dear Employers and Employees alike, to quote Phoebe Buffay as she *pwned* Ross Geller, “Wasn’t there a time when the brightest minds in the world believed that the world was flat? And, up until like what, 50 years ago, you all thought the atom was the smallest thing, until you split it open, and this like, whole mess of crap came out. Now, are you telling me that you are so unbelievably arrogant that you can’t admit that there’s a teeny tiny possibility that you could be wrong about this?”

What if there was a way to reduce the amount of time you spent hiring? These four methods below aren’t just alternatives to resumes, they’re practical, cost effective methods to improve the quality  and reduce the quantity of candidates qualifying for time-consuming interviews.

What if you’re wrong about resumes being indispensable to the hiring procedure? Are you willing to admit it might be time to move past them? Are you willing to stop wasting time interviewing candidates you could never hire?

As a recruiter it’s not your responsibility to invest more time in individual candidates than you already are, but if they do offer other ways to get to know them, don’t dismiss them. These five methods might just be the future we haven’t unlocked yet:

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Startups and Interns Are Made For Each Other

Interns are to Employees what Startups are to MNCs; both the smart new kid on the block giving the older kids a run for their money. We spoke to 3 young, successful entrepreneurs who agreed that interns have been invaluable to them, when handled with care. But what is it about interns that make them so perfect for startups? Are startups and interns really made for each other?

1. They’re Useful- I solemnly swear I’m up to some good.


Interns have been found to be the source of some truly brilliant ideas, thereby giving fantastic returns on investment. Call it beginner’s luck or a stroke of young genius, but they can give you a fresh, uncluttered perspective to do something that you and your team are finding tough to complete. Additionally, they’re often in tune with the latest happenings around the world and could introduce you to tools and applications they’ve come across in their everyday lives.

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Cold Calling That Works

There is a lot of literature available about how to improve cold calls, but the suggestions are usually quite basic, covering things like “introduce yourself with your name and company”, “sound pleasant” and “know your product”-most of which are a given- and obsolete, in that they disregard the plethora of new tools and technology that have now become available to us. Here we’ve listed a couple of tried and tested ways that have been effective in 2014, and can make this process more effective and less of a pain:


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Why Resumes are a Fresher’s Nightmare

Job seekers have managed to make order amidst the chaos that is recruitment: identify the HR manager, write a cover letter, send across your resume, and pray. But for freshers, the prayer begins long before they’re done with college.

TO DO OR NOT TO DOFor most recruiters, the idea of hiring someone without having a look at their resumes is unthinkable, with the likelihood of its acceptance being inversely proportional to the size of the company. They might be open to find a way to replace the interview round with a group discussion, or the technical round with an online assessment tool, but even ruminating replacing resumes, rattles recruiters. 

But how accurate are resumes in predicting a candidate’s on-the-job performance?

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4 Reasons People Quit Startups

Startups are everywhere and everything for so many people, but there are just as many workaholics who don’t find startups to be the ideal workplace. We talked to 4 young entrepreneurs as we analysed what might make someone want to quit a startup, and what it takes for them to be a perfect fit:

1. “Wait what… so… wait… SLOW DOWN!”

Everything in a startup happens fast. There are no multiple managers or numerous needed nods to slow you down, and more often than not you’re going to have to take a decision in the few minutes after you’ve collected all the facts. You won’t necessarily be thrown into a decision making position without warning, but it has been known to happen.“People who expect one boss and clearly defined work schedules that make it easier to make him happy aren’t made for startups,” says Gaurav Prakash, Founding Director of WLS Solutions. Clearly, “every client is a boss”, and every watch shows a different time.

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How to Hire- Part II: Old vs New, but for Recruitment

Campus Hiring
Kicking off every article ever written about Recruitment, is a starting line about how Recruitment might just be the single most important function any business carries out…

Now that we’ve narrowly escaped that cliché, we must admit that we too subscribe to that notion. Think about it, what is a company with no employees, a brand name with no brand managers, a startup with no 5-15 people?

It’s not enough to hire enough people though; you have to make sure they’re the ‘right people’. How does one find these ‘right people’ amidst the crowd of applicants? Recruitment! A decision that becomes all the more impactful as the size of a team decreases (enter: startups).

But how is Recruitment done? Has it evolved over time? Or has it remained the same? If so, which route is better- old or new?
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Camp’US’ Hiring

Campus Hiring
Campus Recruitment has survived economic slowdowns and political turmoil and educational reforms to emerge unscathed and ever booming, very much like the IT Industry, which has never been stronger than it is right now. Students clamber through the vacuum that is created when the four warm walls of college subside and make way for the professional fortifications.

As recruiters, the task of hiring students is a peculiar one. The element that otherwise scores most highly in relevance while recruiting- which is past work experience- is suddenly replaced by a plethora of other subjective factors like personality, internships and a willingness to learn.

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