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You Can Do It! Real World Advice on Getting Your Startup Published

Right after we got published on YourStory and Product Hunt, we had a flood of questions from our peers which fell somewhere between “How much did you pay?” and “Who did you know?” We understood where they were coming from; just a couple of weeks back, we were spending a number of nights wondering what it would take for us to get our big break and be published on a traffic hungry site like YourStory, where one simple article can send your back links through the roof. Next we’re targeting Mashable, Tech Crunch, Next Big What, CNET and the like, because let’s face it, who isn’t? We had read a number of guiding articles about how to get published on sites like these, and by reading between the lines and telling it like it is, we managed to get it through. Not once, but twice.hey-you-can-do-it

Here are the steps to how we, a startup just like yours, with a few mortals and some serial entrepreneurs, got featured on YourStory and Product Hunt within a couple of months of becoming digitally active:

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Remote Campus Recruitment for Startups: How to Make it Work

In our post 7 Problems Startups Face With Campus Recruitment, we explored the major issues that hold startups back from conducting this exercise. In addition to it being a relentless use of time, money and effort, for small to medium sized companies, going anywhere further than Tier I or Tier II cities is near impossible, given the amount of resources they would have to dispatch. Through our own experience, however, we have discovered that it’s not only possible for startups to delve into this large pool of talent, it’s easy, no matter how funded or unfunded you may be.

campus recruitment for startups

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Why SaaS Providers Need To Focus on Customer Service

Customers are staring at their computer screen, trusting that they can navigate your carefully set up website- sifting through the various messages you are trying to convey- till they finally reach what they are looking for. They cannot touch or feel anything, and are just hoping that when you say you have “the best product in the market”, you really do. They trust testimonials, the list of clients you have displayed, and the first five links they find when they type your name in Google. But what if they hit a stumbling block?

cuistomer support

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The Key Factor to Consider When Choosing An IT Solutions Provider

Choosing an IT Solutions Provider is no joke, whether you’re a big company (and your every move is being watched), or a small company (where every seemingly invisible move can cost a fortune).

There is no dearth of literature on the factors to consider when choosing an IT solutions provider, but most of these focus on the company as whole. Hidden under the reputation and performance history however, is a team of developers who are currently employed to satisfy every individual client’s needs. You may know everything you need to about the company itself- but how much do you know about the team of talent working on your project? How can you predict how effective a solution will be provided, if you don’t know the quality of developers providing it?news-media Read more ›

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Are Your In House Screening Tools Failing You?

Using Skill Tests- either online or offline- to screen coders and programmers and shortlist them for interviews is hardly a new practice. Technical recruiters all over the globe use them in some form or the other, never relying entirely on resumes and interviews for such a skill-based role. A large number of them- especially in startups, as we’ve discovered- still depend on in-house tools, which begs the question, is that really the right move?

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As recruiters, we use Screening Tests to test the coding and programming skills of a potential employee, to save us the immense cost of a bad hire. It seems smarter to test a candidate’s competencies before you invest time and money training them.

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If you are creating such a tool in house, it usually suffers from one, few or all of the 10 shortcomings listed below. Our Online Skill Assessment Tool, that is smartly priced to suit the needs of any and all organisations, thus has the following 10 solutions to offer:

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The Latest, Smartest Anti-Cheating Mechanisms

Jack is going through the Java test scores of the 100 or so job applicants who took the online screening test he created with Potknox. 30 candidates scored above 80%, 12 above 90, and 2, a whopping 100%. He is tempted to call in those two- Drake and Josh- for interviews, immediately. But then he sees something strange. At the 33rd minute of the test, a generated screenshot shows Jack that Drake was looking at Wikipedia to answer an MCQ question. At the 47th minute, he notices Drake is having a telephone conversation with someone and noting down what he is being told. At the 56th minute, Drake opens Skype on his computer and pastes the 2nd full length coding question into the window. He notices similar patterns in Josh’s behavior. Jack feels smarter than before, and his eyesight is clearer- it was probably the wool being wrenched off. He just saved himself a very very misguided screening decision, and a whole lot of resources spent on getting Josh and Drake achieve that fictitious 100% again. 


Without these anti-cheating mechanisms built in, Jack would have had no idea what Travis was up to during the test on which he apparently scored 100%.

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Up In The Clouds: The Rise of SaaS

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way people store and access data, making life unimaginably simpler for a large number of us. People can now store their data on an offshore server and access it from anywhere at any time, which means there is no need to carry bulky storage devices around to make sure you have the data you need. Cloud computing is all about accessing data at the exact moment you need it, and not a moment later. But for many of us, the transition is too big to stomach up so soon, and there are still some gaps in our understanding. Well, let’s jump on the knowledge train and clear up the haze:

cloud-computing-provider copy

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Lateral Hiring: How Online Skill Assessment Helps

Hiring experienced professionals is an incredibly demanding task for any recruiter. The most important thing when making an impactful decision such as this, is: Am I missing out on Talent?  So how can you reduce the risk of making a bad hire, or worse, missing out on a good one? Can a Skill Assessment Tool like Potknox really capture the essence of an experienced candidate’s abilities- not just the possession of a faculty, but the ability to productively apply it?stock-photo-back-view-of-businessman-drawing-sketch-on-wall

Yes, and here’s how:

1. Multi-Competency Assessments

Tests created with Potknox test technical, aptitude, communication, database query and even behavioral skills in a single assessment test. It can consist of MCQs, Full Length Coding Questions, Fill in the Blanks, Comprehension Tests, and various other types of assessments, thus allowing the various aspects of a professional’s competencies to come under the radar. For managerial or leadership roles, psychometric testing, as explained below, can offer deep insights.

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What Good is a Coder Who Can’t Code?

I hear you’re looking to hire coders.  A Python Pro, perhaps? How are you going to go about it?banner

Stage 1: You start by publicizing the job opening

First come the job boards, then some social networking, and maybe even some internal references; you need to get the word out about your vacancy. The right developer might be lurking around the corner and you don’t want to miss them.

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Conduct Employee Training with Online Skills Assessment Tools

Employee Training at regular intervals has a number of tangible benefits across organisations of all sizes that makes it an integral part of any good HR manager’s list of initiatives. Given the rapidity of advancements in HR Technology, it is no surprise that Training and Development too, has evolved. Online Skills Assessment tools allow Training Managers more flexibility, deeper insights and a number of other very real benefits that makes their immediate adoption, imperative.Picture1

Online Skills Assessment Tools, an introduction to which can be found here and the best of which we’re going to be telling you about, allow recruiters to conduct large scale training tests for employees using nothing more than an internet connection. The most important benefit of the tool we are telling you about, Potknox, is that it enables immense flexibility in training schedules that means employees can take these training tests absolutely anywhere they want, with no requirement of coordinating a common training center or even any personnel to monitor their conduct.

How does an Online Skills Assessment Tool enable more effective Employee Training?


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