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Move beyond resumes and screen on the basis of what really matters.

Potknox is the Easiest Smartest Fastest way to Screen & Evaluate Candidates.

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How Potknox helps you

Reduce Screening Time

Filter out and avoid perusing the 60-80% of resumes that belong to candidates who aren’t skilled enough and shortlist only those for interviews who have the chops for it

Simplify Technical Recruitment

With our ever evolving, convenient user interface, comprehensive reports and analytics and multi skill testing abilities, even non technical recruiters can assess programmers

Reduce Wastage of Effort

Call your tech guys away from their magic making only long enough to interview the most talented techies, rather than wasting their spells on the fizz buzz fanatics

Make hiring skill-based

Move beyond resumes for hiring programmers, using the skills that really matters as a basis for a ‘yea’ or a ‘nay’, and bring objectivity back, leaving biases behind

In built Simulators & Compilers

Assess a candidate’s actual programming skills, assessing the logical progression of their answers to get a deeper look into how they would perform on the job and apply their skills

Deeper Insights

We offer psychometric testing for all our users, to allow you a peek into a candidate’s aptitude, attitude & communication skills for when your team is small and vulnerable to insanity

and more...

Customize any of our existing tests or create a test from scratch, choosing from our extensive question bank with randomizing settings to avoid duplication
Invite hundreds of candidates to take your chosen selection tests from the comfort of their own homes, without arranging a test centre, or cluttering your office with test takers
Monitor candidates’ test taking behavior with audio & video recordings, screenshots, snapshots and active-application detection, to get an insight into their work ethic
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